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KLICKA DIG VIDARE I UNDER-MENYN TILL VÄNSTER The Benefits of Disposable Tattoo Needles, Grips and Tubes Article by Tania Haack There are countless speculations on the spread of disease acquare through tattooing. This is one of the reasons why I am taking this time to write a article about the benefits and necessity of using a disposbale tattoo needles, tubes and grips. When I say disposable I mean a single use only. When buying disposable needles it comes with tubes and grips This can save the tattoo artist a lot of time and funds. This is very beneficial to all the tattoo clients, for they will never anymore fear when acquiring or having a tattoo and instead be more comfortable knowing that the needle, grips and tubes use to pierce their skin has never been used. Let me first share to you the benefits to the artist or tattooist when she or he decide to start using the disposable needles, tubes and grips. As mentioned above they can come suited, which means you will get the tattoo needle, tube and grip all in one bundle and already sterilized for you. This is a big money saver. We all know how pricey an ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave can be. The good thing is you will no longer purchase or maintain a sterilizer equipment for when buying a disposable needles it is ready to use, sterilize is already done before packing Anonther good thing is saving the artist/tattooist time No more making or tattoo needles which is a very time consuming. They will not have to sterilize the any tattoo needles, tubes or grips because as I already mentioned it has already been done. This means freeing up more time for the artist to do the tattoos and make money instead of spending a whole lot of time cleaning and sterilizing the equipment. But of course, there are atill some precautions that needs to do to ensure the safety of the clients For instance, make sure to set the tattoo needle correctly to prevent it from hitting the tube and going dull or breaking. Then you have you normal and hopefully common sense precautions of the tattoo artist should be wearing gloves, do not re-use the ink and covering any tattooing equipment that is not disposable that may come in contact. So here is a review of the benefits of using disposable needles, tubes and grips. Setting your clients mind at easy Saving time on cleaning and sterilizing equipment. Save money on sterilizing equipment. Tattoo needles, tubes and grips come pre- packaged and sterilized. Can purchase these suited, so you have an all- in- one package. More time to do tattoos and make money. Extremely affordable Now, you know the benefits of using disposable tattoo needles, tubes and grips. So, if you are a tattoo artist then you should give them a try. My guess would be that you will not be disappointed. Just the time and money saving convenience will make it well worth your time of placing an order and trying these out for the first time. Happy Tattooing. Tania Haack a Tattoist for 12 years